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Exact image of the natural starry sky. The patented process allows us to paint astronomically correct sections of the nightly starry sky on the ceiling, e.g. we can install the starry sky of your birthday, wedding day or any other important event, in any size. Every Starseed PREMIUM is personally made for you and is therefore unique. This model is especially popular for the design of theme rooms. The starry sky is painted on site in elaborate handicraft.


We can now paint this astronomically correct image of your most beautiful experience on wallpaper and send it worldwide. High-quality, finely structured non-woven wallpaper with a web width of 75 cm forms the base of these works of art. Together we will work out the exact plan so that the stars will shine in all their glory in your bedroom. During the day a noble, white ceiling, in the evening you have the indescribable view of the starry sky with your desired motif as with the Premium model.


Sternenhimmel Classic

he stars are arranged randomly here. In this model, signs of the zodiac, planets or the Milky Way can be integrated according to your wishes and ideas. Per m2 approx. 120 light points (stars) can be seen. This model is appreciated not only in the private sector but also in the hotel industry. The starry sky is painted on site in elaborate manual work.


Sternenhimmel Classic für Kinder

It is the same model as the Starseed Classic (fantasy sky). This sky is ideal for small children, but can also be painted for all ages. This starry sky incorporates jagged stars and shooting stars and highlights larger galaxies. Here too, the painting is done on site in elaborate manual work.

NEW: Starseed as voucher

All Starseed starry skies can also be given away as a voucher for your loved ones. Get in touch with us and give your loved ones the most unique gift in the universe.