“As a star painter, the emotion of joy still unites me with my clients.”

Heinz Prünster

Starseed Starry Sky

Fantastic nights under the Starseed starry sky are guaranteed. Unique painting technique, special paints, artistic expression, high demands on quality and execution: these are the heavenly elements of our starry sky. Invisible during the day, the stars above you begin to shine in the dark. In the bedroom, over the cot, in hotel suites, in the spa area – wherever you want. Close to nature, the Milky Way, planets and stars present themselves to the observer. Night after night. Regardless of the weather. Summer and winter. Our Starseed starry sky inspires people all over the world, gives restful sleep and relaxed dreams. We bring the stars from the sky for you – what are you waiting for?

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We spend about one third of our life in sleep. Medical research has now recognised that over 30% of the population suffers from sleep disorders. The Austrian psychologist, Mrs. Ulrike Mandl, MAS, has scientifically examined this topic and came to the following conclusion: The “starry sky” leads – as already tested – to an absolute improvement of sleep hygiene. Its sight has a calming effect on the test persons. The fascinating sight of the light pictures attracts attention, distracts from negative thoughts and also makes the time to fall asleep pass more quickly.



May 2020


Will continue to produce even during this crisis. Within Austria, as usual, Heinz Prünster comes to your home and paints [...]


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Our artists come to your house2020-05-18T15:27:42+02:00

We carry out the work from Carinthia/Austria. The starry sky artist will come to you personally and “conjure” the starry sky on your ceiling. Each starry sky is unique. Almost every surface is suitable, including woodchip and light wood. The colour of the ceiling should be light. White is optimal. If you use silicate paints, please let us know in advance.

It is important for you that the room can be darkened well to achieve an optimal effect. Street light should also be considered. It should also be mentioned that this type of decorative painting does not cause dirt, noise, smell or other annoyances.

Using special technology and ecologically harmless paints made of naturally occurring minerals, the noctilucent starry sky is painted onto the ceiling of the room – in a short time and without moving furniture.

During the day, the invisible colour dots absorb the ambient light and emit it again during the night, as a radiant starry sky. Very environmentally friendly! The luminosity of the colour lasts for many years.

Brochure and information folder2020-05-18T15:27:04+02:00

On this pdf file you will find additional information:

Photo material, starry skies in hotels (light-dark), image of a natural starry sky, star charts and your own sign of the zodiac.

Give a different present, a starry sky voucher2020-05-18T15:26:25+02:00

No stress for presents. Here you will find a gift of a special kind. A noctilucent starry sky.
Also for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or other important events.
You order a voucher on prepayment and we come by and paint the ceiling with a starry sky.


Since the foundation of the Starseed company we have painted thousands of noctilucent starry skies in private houses and apartments. We travel worldwide to carry out the orders. The main focus is in the European Union and the Gulf States in the Middle East.

Only enthusiastic customers!

Retirement Homes2020-05-18T15:25:14+02:00

Sleep better under the stars

Particularly at night, the nursing staff in retirement homes and nursing homes is extremely demanding. Patients with sleep disorders, confused and demented patients with nocturnal urge to move and the associated increased risk of falling, …

Nobody knows all these problems better than the nursing staff and nursing services in the old people’s homes. Increasingly tight personnel structures and demographically caused difficulties cost a lot of time for self-sacrificing care and loving attention.

Against this background, a scientific study examined the calming effect of a starry sky shining at night. With convincing results:

Sleepwalking and restless patients became more relaxed when watching the nightly starry sky, the (re-)falling asleep phases were significantly shorter and the number of patients who wanted to leave their bed at night was demonstrably reduced. These are the extremely brief results of the study.

For the nursing staff on night duty, the use of the starry sky brought noticeable relief and more time for urgent care and support work.

In the meantime the project “Starry sky for old people’s homes” has been taken over by numerous nursing home operators in the German-speaking area and is recommended by all sides with the best references.

Science and space research2020-05-18T15:24:34+02:00


Starseed know-how was used to realize this project according to the scientific specifications.

This model is mainly intended for school children to explain the cosmos. The center of gravity is around the North Star, which forms the center. Starseed used the technique of the model Premium (correct astronomical starry sky constellation).

The accuracy was controlled by the astronomy scientists. And guess what… even the smallest star in the Milky Way was the real thing in the cosmos!


In this observatory a Starseed Premium (astronomically correct starry sky) can be seen.




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The starry sky also plays an important role in guest online evaluations. A few plus points for booking decisions are definitely added by the enthusiastic comments, as proven by the many feedbacks from satisfied hoteliers.

We have summarised guest comments from the HolidayCheck rating portal. There is not much more to add. Read it yourself!

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