Starseed Starry Sky

Starseed Starry Sky

The starry night sky at home is painted on and functions completely without electricity. The stars absorb the light in their vicinity (sunlight or artificial light) and release it when darkness falls for the entire night. Ideal for every bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, hotel room, wellness spheres and all other areas used for relaxation and recuperation Every Starseed Starry Sky comprises small points of light of various sizes and brightness. In this way it is possible for the observer to discern signs of the zodiac and the planets. The Milky Way is also portrayed in its original course. The addition of small points of light of slighter intensity give the sky the appearance and three-dimensionality of a real starry sky.

Light & Dark

Light & Dark

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Our artists come personally to your home

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Starseed on wallpaper

Without Milky Way and Zodiac signs   Marburger AirFresh Tapete (German high quality wallpaper) • High quality, manual work: Made in  Austria  • The starry sky is painted manually onto the wallpaper • The stars are arranged randomly • About 80 points of lights (stars) are to be seen per square metre • Ceiling wallpaper with fine texture & matt surface  • AirFresh effect – cleans your indoor air • Allergy friendly  •  Wallpaper on fleece base – easy installation  • Hairline crack-bridging & optimum light scattering  •  During renovation dry strippable  •  RAL quality mark & good light resistant  •  Design approach free for optimal material utilization  • 1 Packaging unit  = 1 roll = 15.00 running metres  •  The costs of wallpapering are to be calculated in addition.   Delivery time: 2  – 3 weeks. Sale only per roll(s) Terms of payment: 100% pre-payment

Starry Sky against sleeping disorders

We spend approximately one third of our lives in sleep. Medical research has discovered that more than 30 % of the population suffer from sleeping disorders. The Austrian psychologist Mag. Ulrike Mandl, MAS, has conducted scientific studies onthis subject, and has come to the following conclusion: The “star-covered” heaven leads as was already proven  to an absolute improvement in the quality of sleep. The study revealed that after viewing it there was a calming influence on the test subjects. The fascinating view of the luminous images draws attention to oneself, distracts one from negative thoughts and, additionally, makes time pass faster until one falls back asleep.

Heinz Prünster

Heinz Prünster, the innovator of the Starseed Starry Sky.

About myself – Maybe I’m crazy because I have left in my life promising and secure career paths. But the gain in freedom and self-determination cleared the way for creativity. Emotions are the motivation, beautiful moments the goal. Especially, peaceful moments of happiness are connected with me with the sight of the starry sky. So strong, that I always wanted to have this feeling before going to sleep. This desire was the impetus for the development of a painting technique, to paint a 3-dimensional starry sky onto my ceiling. From the first steps as a “starry sky painter” until today binds me with my clients the emotion of joy, when shared, is getting more.


Heinz Prünster during his work.




The work is carried out by our experienced starry sky painters. Every room ceiling can be decorated exactly with the night sky that one wishes for, and that without such electrical installation as lamps, glass fibres or diodes. The ceiling colour should be light, white is perfect. For you it is also important that the room is well-blacked out in order to achieve an optimal effect. Bear also in mind street lighting.   Using special technology and ecologically harmless colours from natural minerals, the starry sky is painted onto the ceiling. It causes no dirt, noise, smell or any other encumbrance. You don’t move any furniture, you leave everything as it is.

Brochure and information folder

On this pdf information folder you’ll find additional collateral material such as photographs, your own zodiac sign and much more. Starseed starry sky information, 2016

A present of a different kind - a Starseed starry sky voucher

Ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or other important Events. Order you pre-paid voucher and the starry sky artist comes personally to your residence and paints the starry sky onto your ceiling.




Since founding the company, we have already painted thousands of Starseed starry sky in private houses and Apartments. Only enthusiastic customers!  


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Authentic guest comments about the night glowing Starseed starry sky in hotel rooms In addition to the usual guest reviews regarding service, furnishings, value for money and more, a detail was also highlighted: The night glowing starry sky. Here is a shortlist of the reviews.

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Shortlist of hotels with Starry Skies


Starry Sky, Hotel References


Better sleep under the starry sky Starseed starry sky brought noticeable relief to night staff on duty in order to concentrate more urgent nursing and caring matters. Meanwhile, the project “starry sky for retirement homes” has been included in numerous nursing home operators in German speaking countries and is universally recommended with excellent references.


DLR (German Aerospace Center e.V.), Neustrelitz, Northern Germany   Starseed know-how has been used to realize the projecta ccording to the scientific standards. This model is primarily intended for schoolchildren to explain the cosmos. Emphasis is placed around the North Star, which forms the center forms. Starseed used the technique of the model Premium (astronomical correct starry constellation). The accuracy was checked by astronomy researchers, and guess what…even the smallest star in the Milky Way corresponded to the authenticity of the cosmos!   Observatory Tampere in Finland Also in this observatory a Starseed Premium (astronomically correct starry sky) can be admired.

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